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Hirsh Singh: MAGA CONSERVATIVE and America First

On July 27th, 2023, I announced my intention to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

As a lifelong Republican and an America First, constitutional carry, and pro-life Conservative, I helped restore the conservative wing of New Jersey’s Republican Party starting in 2017.

Today, Americans face grave threats from the corruption of Big Tech and Big Pharma, which have relentlessly attacked our freedoms.

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I’m a Jersey-born, Atlantic City native who fully understands how government works. My record as a strong willed Republican goes back to my university days when I joined Ron Paul’s Young Americans for Liberty.

In the recent past, I opposed the policies that seek to entangle us in another world war, led the fight against the economic lockdowns, and led huge protest rallies against compulsory vaccinations. Today, I am the only Pure Blood Candidate for President because I never gave in to the COVID vaccinations.

Even New Jersey’s Democrat Senate President labeled me “Trump on Steroids.

It’s time to move past outdated politicians of a bygone era. I have the energy and technical knowhow to lead America to the future we deserve.



We must have safe, secure in-person voting and return integrity to our elections. I will end the shenanigans at the polls.

  • That means no unsolicited, unverifiable vote-by-mail.
  • Voter ID for all
  • Clean, transparent and verifiable voter rolls.
  • Public observation of Boards of Elections and transparent chain of custody of all election materials.

SOCIAL ISSUES and economic policy

  • Pro-Life
  • Protect minors from their bodies being mutilated
  • Protect the right to freedom of association of women including the integrity of women’s sports and other women’s activities
  • End political and viewpoint discrimination in universities receiving federal funds
  • End illegal immigration
  • Lower taxes
  • Adopt proposals for a sustainable Social Security system
  • Drill for oil in the US
  • Phase out federal support for student loans in order to force universities to set competitive tuition rates
  • Oppose Central Bank Digital Currencies and negative interest rates

Education and Healthcare

  • Complete medical freedom and parental rights for our children
  • Oppose psychological abuse of children by school curriculum.
  • Protect religious freedom in education
  • Will withhold access to federal funds from educational entities that practice viewpoint discrimination and political discrimination

BIG TEch Censorship

  • End censorship and the ability for government to control the editorial decisions of the private sector
  • Oppose Big Tech's attempts to use big government regulation on emerging fields like AI to keep out startups

Second Amendment Rights

  • The Second Amendment guarantees our constitutional right to own firearms, carry them how we choose and use them in defense of ourselves, our loved ones, and our property
  • We must affirm these rights, remove limitations to ownership and concealed or open carry to ensure our Constitutional rights are respected

ForEign Policy

  • Will oppose Chinese aggression and protect shipping lanes in the South China Sea
  • Oppose a nuclear Iran and support actively securing Iranian women’s rights and turning Iranian society into a free society
  • Will end the Ukrainian War
  • Oppose giving up American sovereignty to an international body in the name of Climate Action

Why Hirsh Singh is Running

Democrat leadership call Hirsh Singh “Trump on Steroids” because they are afraid of his strength. He has been very strong on medical freedom, which was attacked during COVID, and he is the only unvaxxed candidate. He will end the Ukraine War, which Democrats want to escalate to a World War, and he will end Big Tech Censorship, which has been suppressing all voices that aren’t on the Left.

2024 is America's last chance.

America needs multiple MAGA Conservatives at every level because the establishment is willing to go to any length to stop the American First agenda.

Hirsh Singh has been in this fight since 2017 and needs your help to implement the MAGA Conservative agenda. Volunteer, donate, and spread the word — we will not allow America to fail.

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