It's time for real change.

Phil Murphy's tenure as governor has been marked by one tyrannical impulse after another: from forcing COVID-positive patients into nursing homes, to shutting down transparent elections at the polls, to banning both plastic bags and paper bags, there seems to be no aspect of our lives that Phil Murphy hasn’t threatened.

Worse still, Murphy has continued policies which prohibit school choice for children condemned to failing schools, implemented bureaucratic mandates that will destroy the character of our suburban communities, and even sought to impose mandatory vaccinations on families who object for sincere medical, moral, or religious reasons.

Fortunately, we have a candidate who both foresaw the threat Phil Murphy posed to our freedom, happiness, and prosperity and who has been fighting back against his failed policies for all of us.

Hirsh V. Singh

Hirsh Singh has been a fearless leader and consistent crusader in standing up to Phil Murphy, the Trenton Swamp creatures, and the political establishment.

Most recently, Hirsh took Murphy to court to hold him accountable for his failed, unconstitutional election scheme that recklessly ended New Jersey's safe, transparent, in-person voting system.

As Governor, the hallmark of Hirsh's Administration will be choice: unfettering New Jerseyans and New Jersey communities to determine their own futures and realize their highest possible potential.

Follow our US Supreme Court lawsuit against Tyrannical Phil Murphy here.

School Choice

Once and for all, every child in New Jersey deserves a high quality education. A child’s success should never be dictated by his or her zip code. When the money follows the child, parents will finally be free to choose the school and the method of education that best meets the needs of their children.

Community Character

Mandates from the so-called “Council on Affordable Housing” have endangered our towns and communities. Their draconian demands and suppressive policies have blown apart municipal budgets, driven property taxes through the roof, and destroyed the charm of neighborhoods and towns that attracted residents in the first place.


Fair, open, and honest elections where transparency is the rule, not the exception, are imperative. Election integrity means every lawful voter is entitled to one vote, voting rolls are properly maintained, and friends and neighbors can meet to observe the process. Murphy’s mandated vote-by-mail scheme — which has proven to be laden with inequities, errors, and even fraud — must be ended.