Elect Hirsh Singh to represent you in Congress

Hirsh Singh is an engineer in a field famous for harnessing intelligence to make lives easier and safer. He’s an outsider to the political class that often uses taxpayer money to make their own lives cozier while simply filling in a pothole or two.

Hirsh Singh brings solutions based on three simple truths:

  1. The framers of our Constitution were extraordinarily prescient in writing a document that would forever accommodate the potential of our citizens when they formalized the United States of America.
  2. Intelligence and innovation have blossomed like never before in human history due to the unique conditions that guarantee that all citizens the right to pursue their dreams.
  3. The government is at its best only when its citizens are at their best.

Therefore, the government must focus on defending the long lives of every citizen instead of telling you exactly what to do with your time.

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God Bless America, and bless we who struggle today to defend the foundational beliefs that resulted in the greatest country the world has ever known. After years of misdirection, we’re far beyond just needing to plug a few pot holes, but that’s all you’ll get from other candidates. It’s time to elect an engineer to solve the big problems in government.