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Hirsh V. Singh

Who is Hirsh Singh?


  • As an engineer and federal contractor, understands how federal government works
  • Lifelong Republican and alumnus of Young Americans for Liberty
  • Ability to work with political opponents
  • Senate Candidate in 2020 (Ability to attract conservative voters - Came within 2.1 percent of winning the primary despite endorsement for ballot placement from only 4 of 21 counties)
  • Governor candidate in 2021 - Garnered 20 percent of votes without any help from any county leadership
  • Magnet for conservatives, libertarians. Indian-, Filipino-, Hispanic-, and Black-American voters


Technology Sector

  • End censorship and the ability for government to control the editorial decisions of the private sector
  • End censorship by Big Tech
  • Oppose Big Tech's attempts to use big government regulation on emerging fields like AI to keep out startups

Foreign Policy

  • Will oppose Chinese aggression and protect shipping lanes in the South China Sea
  • Oppose a nuclear Iran and support actively securing Iranian women’s rights and turning Iran’s society into a free society
  • Have plans and ability to leverage the goodwill arising from being a Hindu to get the United Nations, which has been a thorn in the flesh for the US, to work with the US on Iran and China
  • Oppose giving up American sovereignty to an international body in the name of Climate Action

Social Issues

  • Pro-Life
  • Protect minors from mutilation
  • Protect the right to freedom of association of women including the integrity of women’s sports and other women’s activities
  • End political and viewpoint discrimination in universities receiving federal funds
  • Ensure that all minorities get photo IDs, especially in states like New York and California
  • End illegal immigration and create a path to citizenship (DACA and legal migrants)

Economic Policy

  • Lower taxes
  • Adopt proposals for a sustainable Social Security system
  • Drill for oil in the US
  • Phase out federal support for student loans in order to force universities to set competitive tuition rates
  • Oppose Central Bank Digital Currencies and negative interest rates

Healthcare and Education

  • Complete medical freedom — especially in schools — with parents given the right to decide whether or not to vaccinate their children
  • Oppose psychological abuse of children by school curriculum
  • Protect religious freedom in education
  • Will withhold access to federal funds from educational entities that practice viewpoint discrimination and political discrimination