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Press Releases

October 31, 2023

Hirsh Singh Suspends Presidential Campaign

In the interest of uniting the MAGA Conservatives behind a single candidate. I have decided the right thing to do is to suspend my Campaign and support President Trump.
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September 26, 2023

Hirsh Singh Condemns NJ GOP’s Attempt to Cancel Presidential Primary

Republican Presidential candidate Hirsh Singh strongly criticized the New Jersey Republican Party’s proposal to end the Republican Presidential Primary and instead allow insiders to select the delegates for the Republican National Convention.
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September 18, 2023

Hirsh Singh Wins Historic Free-Speech Lawsuit

In a huge victory for free-speech rights, Hirsh Singh won a historic lawsuit that had been filed against him in 2021 by his political opponent in the 2020 US Senate Primary Rik Mehta.
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September 7, 2023

Hirsh Singh Wants GOP Candidates to Sign Pledge Not to Plagiarize

Republican Presidential candidate Hirsh Singh slammed Vivek Ramaswamy for plagiarizing ideas and words from other people, politicians, and candidates.
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September 6, 2023

Hirsh Singh Slams SuperPac Connected to Ron DeSantis for lying to Donors

Singh slammed members of the SuperPac ‘Never Back Down’ for falsely taking credit for work done by his campaign and fundraising from it.
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