Chairman Ghione Endorses Singh for Congress

New Jersey Young Republican Federation Chairman Giancarlo Ghione today announced his support for South Jersey engineer Hirsh Singh in his campaign for Congress in New Jersey’s Second Congressional District.

April 3, 2018

Chairman Ghione Endorses Singh for Congress
Linwood, NJ -- New Jersey Young Republican Federation Chairman Giancarlo Ghione today announced his support for South Jersey engineer Hirsh Singh in his campaign for Congress in New Jersey’s Second Congressional District.

"Hirsh Singh is a great candidate who represents the future of the Republican Party," Ghione said.  "His energy, enthusiasm, and optimism are exactly what South Jerseyeans are looking for and what young republicans will rally to."

Ghione said that Singh's candidacy in the 2017 gubernatorial race electrified and encouraged young republicans across the state and left them wanting more.

"Despite getting into the race late, Hirsh did a tremendous job connecting with the electorate -- especially young people and particularly on social media," Ghione said.  "Party leaders, elected officials, and community leaders took notice and are rallying around his candidacy because they know Hirsh can help grow the Republican Party and hold the Second District for Republicans."

Ghione was referring to Singh's 2017 gubernatorial race in which he placed third out of five candidates and demonstrated a strong propensity to win votes among demographics that do not consistently vote Republican. 

"Hirsh's message resonates broadly with New Jerseyeans," Ghione said.  "I know he will work with our entire team from the top of the ticket to the bottom of the ticket to keep South Jersey red, bring younger voters into the Republican family, and enact pro-growth policies that will especially benefit millennials and South Jerseyeans."

Singh expressed his admiration for Chairman Ghione's leadership and thanked him for his endorsement:

Giancarlo has been a friend and confidant throughout this process as well as an amazingly effective leader for the New Jersey Young Republican Federation.  From fighting to repeal the Obamacare tax to enacting pro-growth, job-creating policies in Washington, the Republican Party has demonstrated it has the best vision for young Americans.  I'm proud to support those policies, I'm committed to fighting for them as the next Congressman from South Jersey, and I pledge to work closely with Giancarlo and the entire Young Republican team to bring that message to young voters across New Jersey.

Singh has already won the support of the Burlington County Republican Committee, the Ocean County Republican Organization, the Camden County Republican Committee, the Atlantic County Republican Committee, and Atlantic County State Senator Chris Brown.

New Jersey Young Republicans take an active and involved role in helping to elect Republican candidates to local, county, state, and federal office, and have in many cases gone on to become elected officials, party officials, prominent activists, and well-known community and civic leaders. New Jersey Young Republicans represent a wide variety of political viewpoints and ideologies, and have, as a matter of tradition, been especially welcoming to the development of a broad, majority coalition in the Garden State. Through both electioneering and civic activities, the New Jersey Young Republican Federation and its members make a real difference in the community. 

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Hirsh Singh is a resident of Linwood, New Jersey.  He graduated from Egg Harbor Township High School and from the New Jersey Institute of Technology where he earned a degree in engineering.  He is a results-driven industry leader and a problem-solver.  As an engineer, he has served numerous federal agencies including NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Pentagon, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, and others by leading and supporting programs in areas such as missile defense, satellite navigation, unmanned aerial systems, intelligence, electronic warfare, and aircraft/aviation safety and survivability.  From protecting the skyways across our nation to helping develop the communications backbone for our war-fighters abroad, Hirsh has focused his more than a decade-long career on protecting our citizens and our homeland.  Hirsh is running for Congress to support the President’s reform agenda, fight to bring a fair share of tax dollars back to South Jersey, and stand-up to the radical left ideology of those in Congress who want to dredge up the failed policies of the past.  To join the campaign, visit

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