Meet Hirsh


South JERSEY’s BORN and Bred Leader

Hirsh Singh is an engineer, businessman and New Jersey native with a passion for finding, designing, negotiating and implementing solutions that keep Americans safe. As an advocate for justice, Hirsh Singh's agenda is focused on combating over-regulation, big-government bureaucracy, and unreasonably high taxes. He is a Republican that supports our Troops, Veterans, the essence of President Trump's Agenda and will fight for South Jersey’s best interests.

Born in Atlantic City as the second of three children, Hirsh learned the value of hard work from watching his father start an Aviation Safety and Security company 23 years ago in their Egg Harbor Township garage. At the Egg Harbor Township High School, Hirsh spent time pursuing a large variety of sports and activities, from tennis, football and the diving team to drama club, German club and Choir. Hirsh also took part in the Physics and Chemistry after-school league "Tri-Math-alon" and was given a lead role in a school production of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. As he grew up watching all the hard work and determination that went into his father's company, Hirsh developed an innate understanding of what it takes to achieve the American Dream. He understands that the dream is not just handed to anyone — it must be earned.

After high school, Hirsh attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology and completed a degree in engineering. He is a proud member of Tau Delta Phi (the oldest Fraternity at NJIT) and was also a part of the RANG Dance Team and took advanced poetry and Making of Modern Thought capstone classes. 

After completing his engineering degree, Hirsh had the option to go anywhere in the US. Instead, he decided to come home and join his father's company. Under his leadership, Hirsh eventually brought the company to the forefront of the Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Biometrics, Sensors, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Force Protection, and Satellite Navigation industries. Hirsh headed up teams comprised of some of the nations’ largest defense contractors on multiple acquisitions across a number of government agencies and routinely interfaced with his governmental counterparts to ensure our nation's technological superiority. 

Hirsh is very proud that his programs and solutions have defended the safety of Americans, both at home and abroad, on the ground and in the air. One of his proudest accomplishments is his work on the J-LENS Missile Defense platform, which protects American soil today.


As a state and as a nation, we face new challenges with national defense, education, our economy and our rights.

Support Hirsh Singh for Congress in the upcoming June 5th Republican primary.