Big Tech Censorship & the First Amendment

New Jersey is one of America's most critical flashpoints when it comes to one of our most fundamental rights: Freedom of Expression.

Although our right to free speech is protected by the First Amendment of our Constitution, that's hardly stopped Democrats from doing whatever they can to infringe upon our rights. Aided by billions of dollars in private funding and backed by Big Tech entities like Facebook, Twitter, and more, the attack on American values and conservative thought has been expanded to the digital realm.

Controlling the people begins with controlling what they can and can't say, and I will not stand for any attempts from Big Tech or anyone else to trample upon our First Amendment rights.

As Governor of our beautiful state, I will:

  • Demand greater transparency so companies can no longer suppress speech with opaque insider policies
  • Require extensive disclosures, to be enforced by New Jersey election officials, to hold companies accountable if they favor one candidate over another
  • Impose severe fines on any tech companies that suspend candidates for office from their platforms without merit
  • Mandate a "default opt-out" policy that allows tech users to escape Big Tech's oppressive content filters
  • Empower citizens with a "private right of action," which will enable them to pursue damages against companies that violate opt-out policies

It's no secret that New Jersey, and indeed our American society at large, is devolving into an increasingly Orwellian hell scape, where wrongthink is punished harshly by private interests. Protecting the people from this form of corporate tyranny and restoring the First Amendment to what our Founding Fathers intended will be one of my top priorities.

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