Economic Growth

New Jersey needs real economic growth because we are about $240 billion in debt. This is because our state has been run by criminals and mobsters for decades. With the right leadership, New Jersey can become an economic engine yet again.

Open New Jersey

  • As the pandemic has taken its toll on our nation, Governor Murphy continues to wage war on private businesses as apart of his failed response to the China Virus rather than recognizing that New Jerseyans have the freedom to protect themselves and their loved ones without giving up their livelihoods.
  • We must open up our schools, restaurants, gyms, and theaters to get our economy back on track as quickly as possible.
  • Governor Murphy’s failed policies have caused the deaths of thousands of seniors and afflicted countless more with depression and loneliness.
  • With the right leadership, New Jersey can be an unstoppable economic engine for all.

Fix NJ's Pension Problem

The Pension problem in New Jersey was an orchestrated mess that rests at the feet of Never-Trumper Christine Todd Whitman.

Her administration started this debt hole by finding a criminal method to avoid paying an annual $800 million pension payment. That $800 million a year payment has since ballooned to nearly $80 billion!

If our state had not been run by criminals and mobsters since 1993, we would already have corrected this nonsense. Instead, every year more and more creative and criminal methods have been created to avoid paying for benefits individuals accrued. Though New Jersey must honor all past commitments, this practice must be fully ended to stop New Jersey's march off a fiscal cliff. We are already over about $240 Billion dollars in debt.

We must stop the bleeding and correct course or the citizens of New Jersey will become no different than indebted serfs from the dark ages. I will not allow it. I will fix it.

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