Legal Immigration Only

Illegal immigration is just that: illegal. And the costs of encouraging it are significant:

  • No other country on earth encourages or facilitates illegal immigration as we do. The disrespect it shows to people who came here legally — like my family — cannot be understated.
  • Those coming here illegally during the pandemic threaten public health and undermine opportunities for unemployed Americans to get back to work.
  • Every criminal act by an illegal alien inflicts a loss that simply should never have happened. Most often, recent legal immigrants are the victims of this criminal behavior.
  • Illegal aliens strain public resources like schools, hospitals, and welfare/work programs that American tax dollars support — for American citizens.


Most of our families immigrated here. As Republicans, we love legal immigration.

We want individuals interested in assimilating and adding value to America to have a clear and secure process to earn American citizenship.

That means ZERO illegal immigration. Build that wall and enact merit-based immigration policies!

Individuals in the process of entering our country legally (and the businesses that need them) deserve a shorter, less complicated immigration system that prioritizes merit.

We must also implement changes to the H1-B visa program to award Green Card status within four years and citizenship within six. Criteria for attaining citizenship would include an understanding of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.

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