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Demanding Accountability: Sussex County Approves Election Recount Following Singh Court Victory

Singh for Senate

Demanding Accountability: Sussex County Approves Election Recount Following Singh Court Victory

LINWOOD, NJ — On Monday, following immense pressure from Republican voters and primary front-runner Hirsh Singh, Sussex County became the first county in New Jersey to approve and begin the recount process for the Republican Primary Election for U.S. Senate.

"This is great start," said Singh. "But we're not going to stop until we've achieved full transparency for New Jersey's voters.

After weeks of legal blockades and red tape, the Singh campaign finally prevailed in court, winning a vote recount in Sussex County. In a statement released early this morning, the recount opens the legal door to a statewide election contest to challenge issues that include:

  • Over 49,000 votes scanned in, but supposedly did not vote for President or U.S. Senate;
  • Over 40,000 votes rejected and not counted by the Board of Elections;
  • Thousands of votes that were received by the Boards of Elections but not processed, reported, or counted by the Secretary of State;
  • Thousands of votes that were stamped July 8th by the postal service but were handled differently by each county

"This is exactly what we want," says Singh. "We refuse to let the corrupt establishment hand New Jersey over to the likes of Cory Booker or Joe Biden without a fight."


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