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Democrat Judge allows Rikin Mehta to stay on ballot

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Democrat Judge allows Rikin Mehta to stay on ballot

Linwood, NJ — In a shocking development, a Democrat judge threw out a challenge mounted by conservative New Jersey voter King Penna regarding the eligibility of Rikin Mehta's candidacy.

In a clear violation of New Jersey statutes, a number of signatories who had backed Mehta's nominating petition were found to have belonged to the Democrat Party and even the Green Party. This is consistent with Hirsh Singh's exposé of Mehta as a plant by the progressive establishment in Washington D.C. In a viral video, Hirsh Singh had exposed Mehta's deep connections to the Democrat Party, including Mehta's political appointment by Muriel Bowser, the progressive mayor of Washington D.C.

In fact, Bowser is considered one of the most progressive politicians in the entire history of America, with a history indicating that it is impossible to obtain a political position under her unless one is a committed leftist radical. Penna's objection pointed out that many of those who circulated Mehta's petition and sought signatures were registered Democrats as well.

"The fact that Rikin Mehta depended on the voting base of the Democrat Party and Green Party machinery to get on to the ballot proves that he is a pawn of the progressive establishment," said Hirsh Singh.

Election law experts expected Rikin Mehta to be struck off the ballot following the challenge, but the Democrat judge that came to his rescue sent shockwaves through New Jersey's conservative voters. Many of them expressed frustration and vowed to defeat the leftist establishment's hostile takeover of the New Jersey Republican Party.

Hirsh Singh, who has been a Trump supporter since June 2015, has enjoyed massive support from Republican voters in the state. He applauded the efforts of King Penna and promised to carry on the fight for conservatives.

"It is because of the vigilance of Americans like King Penna that we live in the greatest country in the world today,” says Singh.

“Yet, this Democrat judge's ruling shows that the system is loaded against the people and needs to be fixed. I promise to work to fix this system so that the United States does not deteriorate into a ‘single party democracy’ in the image of China, which is what Green Party extremists would like it to become."


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