Fields endorses Singh for Senate

David Wildstein

Fields endorses Singh for Senate

Hirsh Singh’s campaign for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination received a boost days before the Somerset County GOP convention, winning the endorsement of state committeewoman Janice Fields.

“Hirsh Singh is the candidate who can bring a fresh new perspective to the Republican Party in our effort to defeat Cory Booker and win back the US Senate seat this year,” said Fields, who took office this month as a township committeewoman in Bernards Township.  “Hirsh brings the energy, conviction and bold ideas that Washington so desperately needs right now.”

Fields said that Singh helped her during her 2019 municipal race, and Singh praised Fields as a party leader.

“Janice’s dedication to the Republican Party, our candidates, our ideals, and our people, is second to none and I could not be more honored and thrilled to have her as a part of our team,” Singh said.

Six Republicans are seeking the chance to take on incumbent Cory Booker.

Singh finished second at the Union County GOP convention this week, with Rik Mehta snaring the line there.

Somerset will select their candidate on Monday.

Former Monmouth County freeholder Gary Rich, former prosecutor Stuart Meissner, Tricia Flanagan and Natalie Rivera are also seeking the Senate nomination.

“This campaign will bring together grassroots activists, minorities, the youth, and elected officials, like Janice, who can deliver a new Republican message that pushes back against the socialist onslaught of Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, AOC and Phil Murphy that has come to dominate New Jersey,” said Singh.

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