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Hirsh Singh attends "Howdy Modi" Trump Rally as VIP guest

Singh for Senate

Hirsh Singh attends "Howdy Modi" Trump Rally as VIP guest


ATLANTIC CITY - On September 22, thousands of cheering Americans attended the "Howdy Modi" rally in support of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Among the revelers was Hirsh Singh, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from New Jersey.

President Donald Trump greeted the 50,000 supporters as they packed the NRG Stadium in Houston, praising Prime Minister Modi. Singh, who was in attendance as a VIP guest, personally met with key dignitaries to discuss current geopolitical events and later sat down for a lunch conference attended by the Indian Prime Minister himself.

During his appearance, Singh expressed his gratitude for Modi and Trump's recent calls for positive change, rallying his own supporters and members of the media at the event. Later outside, Singh was also interviewed by Hasan Minhaj of Netflix's Patriot Act.

Netflix star Hasan Minhaj interviews Hirsh Singh

While discussing the strength of President Trump's positions, Singh vehemently opposed socialism and China's expansionist behavior, vowing to work closely with President Trump to address both threats to the American people. Singh also blasted Pakistani support for terrorism, drawing a stark contrast to recent changes in India, which brought liberty and women's rights to citizens of Jammu and Kashmir.

Last month, India made waves when officials abolished Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. The move greatly enhanced human rights in the world's second-most populous country.

Singh reserved his strongest criticism for the Democratic Party's recent calls to action, saying that "the Democrats, and particularly Cory Booker, need to be defeated in order to prevent America from being the 'sugar daddy' of socialists, rogue nations and totalitarian regimes."

Singh is expected to host a fundraising event later tonight in New Jersey, where he will be thanking his most passionate supporters.

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