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Hirsh Singh issues statement on 2019 Election Day results

Singh for Senate

Hirsh Singh issues statement on 2019 Election Day results

November 12, 2019

LINWOOD, NJ — Early this morning, New Jersey’s Republican candidate and front-runner for U.S. Senate in 2020, Hirsh V. Singh, issued a statement praising the events of last Tuesday’s elections as “the first step” in what looks like the long-awaited restoration of conservative values throughout the Garden State.

“The narrative was intentionally twisted by the Democrats,” said Singh. “They said Republicans could lose up to eight seats, they pushed it on all the major publications just before Election Day. How wrong they were.”

Singh also noted the “clear disconnect between reality and the corrupt mainstream media,” pointing out that Republicans won every battleground race, and are now challenging other key Democrat figures. Contrary to the widespread belief that Republicans would lose Assembly seats on Election Day, every incumbent was re-elected. In fact, Republicans gained an additional seat in the State Senate.

Echoing the opinions of New Jersey voters, Singh criticized Governor Phil Murphy, calling him the “poster child” of government failure.

“The people are tired of lame Democrat leadership. They’re tired of being lied to and suffering from this abject failure of government,” Singh said. “How bad is it, exactly? Well, even the news media is now calling for Murphy to bear the brunt of responsibility for his party’s results — and they were absolutely crushing losses.”

In a controversial statement that’s angered many New Jerseyans, Governor Murphy told former California Governor Jerry Brown last year that he wants “New Jersey to be the California of the East Coast.”

Singh was quick to point out the ridiculous nature of such a wish, noting California’s overburdened system, plagued with rampant crime, homelessness, welfare abuse, education cuts and the harboring of illegal aliens. Citing Victor Davis Hanson, historian of the Hoover Institute, Singh stated “California is well on the way to becoming ‘America’s first third-world state,’” noting recent events with out-of-control wildfires and planned blackouts caused by state government mismanagement.

“What does Murphy think he’s playing at?” Singh asks New Jersey’s voters. “Look at the abject poverty brought about by California’s insane regulations, their out-of-control taxation on every little thing. These policies crush the average American, and Phil Murphy wants to bring it to New Jersey? That is not okay.”

Over the course of his campaign for U.S. Senate, Singh has repeatedly pledged to his supporters not to allow New Jersey to suffer such a fate. This time was no different, as Singh reiterated his commitment to prevent “anti-American and increasingly socialist policies” from taking hold in New Jersey.

“California is a failed state,” says Singh. “California is not the future of New Jersey. What Californians are experiencing now will not be the future of America. We can’t allow that, there is too much at stake. I will fight for the People."


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