Hirsh Singh on the Kevin McCullough Radio Show

Hirsh Singh on the Kevin McCullough Radio Show
Thousands of supporters showed up for President Trump's 'Keep America Great' rally in Wildwood, NJ.

A Note from Hirsh:

Trump's rally in Wildwood was an amazing success, but there's an even greater message here: New Jersey is winnable.

The people of New Jersey are fed up with Democrat incompetence, corruption and abuse. They are tired of high taxes, wasteful spending and crumbling infrastructure. They are tired of being called ignorant, racist, sexist and everything “phobic” for simply choosing America First.

That's why thousands of patriots camped out overnight in freezing weather for a chance to join our President in Keeping America Great. That's why they traveled from far and wide to show their support, because enough is enough — it's time to take back our country.

The Democrats and their leftist mass media cronies want you to believe that New Jersey is hopelessly lost, forevermore doomed to be a deep blue swamp filled with liars and elites. And in a single, massive show of solidarity, We the People proved them wrong.

2020 is our decade. Let's make it happen, my friends.
The Kevin McCullough Radio Show

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