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Hirsh Singh's Opponent Cory Booker in Trouble as Polls Show NJ Race is a Toss-Up

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Hirsh Singh's Opponent Cory Booker in Trouble as Polls Show NJ Race is a Toss-Up

LINWOOD, NJ — Two separate opinion polls have indicated a toss-up in the race for the U.S. Senate seat as Democrat Cory Booker's approval hovers around the halfway mark. While a Monmouth University poll showed Booker's approval rating at 51%, a Quinnipiac University poll showed only 50% approval and 53% willing to re-elect him. The Monmouth Poll included only 26% Republicans, while the Quinnipiac Poll had only 23%.

Booker has become unpopular in New Jersey as a result of corruption charges leveled at his appointees during his time as the Mayor of Newark. One key appointee, whom Booker had nominated to the Watershed Corporation, was sentenced to eight years in prison. When Booker ran for President, Republican U.S. Senate contender Hirsh Singh repeatedly highlighted Booker's corruption and involvement in the lead water crisis that ravaged Newark in 2019. Hirsh helped orchestrate what the Washington Times would later dub “New Jersey's Republican resurgence.”

With the race now entering toss-up territory, attention will turn towards the Republican Party and its ability to put forth a strong candidate with solid conservative credentials and can appeal to independents.

Traditionally, both the Republicans and Democrats have purposefully “thrown” races in each other's strongholds, but Hirsh Singh, who won the endorsements of all key Republican strongholds in the state, has emerged as a formidable contender due to the fact that he has strong ties to the conservative and libertarian base while also having the endorsements of key civil rights leaders and political activists of the Indian-American and Jewish-American communities.

Singh was a VIP invitee at the "Howdy Modi" event in Houston last fall, where President Trump spoke alongside the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The event was attended by more than 50,000 people.

Singh began his political work as a student and was part of the Young Americans for Liberty. He is also an alumnus of the Leadership Institute based in Virginia.

"This race is winnable, but it depends on putting up a strong conservative candidate,” said Singh in response to the race. “We can’t have a ‘token’ Republican acting as a pushover for the Democrats, as has been the case for decades now.”


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