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Rik Mehta's ‘N-Word’ Problem

Singh for Senate

Rik Mehta's ‘N-Word’ Problem

LINWOOD, NJ — Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Hirsh Singh has formally denounced Democrat Rik Mehta for his choice not to fire or otherwise discipline key campaign advisor Brandon Kubinak after he filmed himself using the “n-word,” a derogatory term that denigrates persons of African origin.

In the shocking video, Mehta campaign senior staffer Kubinak can be seen uttering the racial slur along with his friends. Kubinak was eventually expelled from his university for making the video, however Mehta himself seems to have given tacit approval to the video.

Mehta was informed of the video’s existence during the Monmouth County Republican Party Convention in early February, but chose not to fire his staffer after learning of his bigoted behavior.

Kubinak has previously helped Mehta by rigging the Republican Party Convention in Middlesex County, where he plays an important part in the party’s organization. He has attended numerous campaign events with Mehta and has been the brains behind Mehta's policy positions and campaign strategy.

Curiously, Rik Mehta has not come up with a single policy that will benefit the African American community. Rik Mehta's “n-word problem” is an albatross around his neck and he is guaranteed to lose badly should he get the Republican nomination. The most worrisome part of a Mehta nomination scenario is how it will lead to a wipe-out of the Republican Party in the state, with the GOP losing the Presidential race, every Congressional race, and all down ballot elections.

You can read an article discussing the video here, or see the video on Twitter here.

"The best scenario for the Republican Party would be if Rik Mehta quits the race,” says Singh. “His campaign manager, Brandon Kubinak, should resign all his official positions, including his roles as the Executive Director of the Middlesex County Republican Committee and Chairman of South Amboy's Republican Organization.

“The fact that Mehta is continuing in the race even after his ‘n-word problem’ has come to light is an existential threat for the New Jersey Republican Party."

"We do not need racists to be part of the party; let them go back to wherever they came from, because New Jersey Republicans are not the party of the Ku Klux Klan," added Singh, in an apparent dig at Rik Mehta who was a Democrat until recently and is a known progressive who held a political appointment given to him by the far-left Mayor of Washington D.C., Muriel Bowser.


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