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Singh Supports McConnell Interpretation of Biden Rule for Supreme Court

Singh for Senate

Singh Supports McConnell Interpretation of Biden Rule for Supreme Court


Linwood, NJ - Republican U.S. Senate candidate Hirsh Singh today announced his full support for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's interpretation of the Biden Rule in the event there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court next year.

“As Leader McConnell has said, the Biden Rule precludes an appointment to the Supreme Court in an election year only when the Presidency and the Senate are controlled by opposing parties,” Singh said.

Since the people entrusted the Senate to the GOP in 2018, Singh said he could see no reason why the President should not appoint and the Senate should not confirm a justice (or justices) to the Supreme Court if the opportunity arises.

“Although the Biden Rule has been clear, it’s important that conservatives recommit themselves to it apart from the spectacle of an actual vacancy,” Singh said. “Whomever is nominated will need the full support of our Party to survive the slings and arrows of Antifa and the radical left.”

Singh also lauded the President and Leader McConnell for their efforts appointing strict constructionist judges to the federal courts who will not legislate but rather interpret the law.

“Americans of all political persuasions agree that unelected judges should not use their power to create law but should faithfully interpret laws according to the intent of the Framers and of Congress,” Singh said.

He added, “The confirmation of nearly 150 solid judges has been the greatest accomplishment of the last two years for which the President and Senator McConnell deserve both our gratitude and reelection to their respective offices.”

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