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Hirsh Singh Condemns NJ GOP’s Attempt to Cancel Presidential Primary
Team Singh
September 26, 2023

Atlantic City, NJ - Republican Presidential candidate Hirsh Singh strongly criticized the New Jersey Republican Party’s proposal to end the Republican Presidential Primary and instead allow insiders to select the delegates for the Republican National Convention. “The move is a brazen attempt to steal the election process so that they don’t have to steal the actual election. I wish I could say that the move is a shocking one, but knowing New Jersey’s politics, this attempted move is expected from those behind the scenes working against the will of the people,” said Hirsh Singh.

The party sent a memo to county chairs and state committee members only on Sunday informing them of this proposal. According to reports, the biggest beneficiary of this plan will be Chris Christie. Party insiders have a long standing history of collaborating with the media in suppressing candidates they don’t control.

After Singh launched his campaign and his launch video received over 3.3 million views in under 48 hours, Matt Friedman, the editor of Politico NJ, publicly stated that they would no longer cover the Hirsh Singh for President campaign despite the campaign receiving strong coverage and interest. Friedman directed other journalists in the media to black out all news about Singh by sending a message which stated,  “Somehow his announcement got a decent amount of media. Megalomania can be interesting, but I think giving him any more attention is probably bad for him and us.”

This message seeking the censorship of any news about Singh was widely circulated by other journalists including David Wildstein, who is the editor of New Jersey Globe and who pled guilty to two felony charges related to the Bridgegate scandal. “In my opinion, the attempt to orchestrate a media blackout against a candidate running in an election is no different from orchestrating a traffic jam on the George Washington bridge to hurt a political opponent. Both of them are crimes against the American public,” said Hirsh Singh.

Hirsh Singh has strong name recognition as a MAGA conservative in New Jersey while Chris Christie is very unpopular. “The move to scrap the Republican Presidential Primary to help one candidate must be opposed by everyone, and any state Republican official who votes for it must be removed from their position,” said Singh.

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