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Hirsh Singh Meets With Leaders in Washington DC
Team Singh
September 5, 2023

ATLANTIC CITY — Republican presidential candidate Hirsh Singh met with Conservative and Libertarian leaders in Washington D.C. over the Labor Day weekend and released a video chronicling his political history over the last sixteen years.

The video opens with Hirsh Singh speaking to Ron Paul in 2007 during the ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ and expressing support to the then presidential candidate. It then showcases his time with Young Americans for Liberty and follows this up with his joining of the Tea Party Movement. The highlight of the Tea Party Movement was his meeting with Rand Paul.

The video then shows New Jersey Democrat State Senate President Stephen Sweeney labeling Singh ‘Trump on Steroids,’ a fact accentuated by Singh’s rousing speech which follows Sweeney’s statement. That speech was at a protest rally in 2019 against a law mandating flu vaccines for children that was under consideration in the legislature by New Jersey’s lawmakers. Singh’s speech elicited a passionate response, and the end result of the rally was a victory for the protesters as the bill was dropped by the state’s Senate.

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Singh’s performance in the 2020 election is then shown in the video. That election put him within striking distance of winning the Republican primary for the US Senate as just a one percent swing would have resulted in his victory despite 17 out of the 21 New Jersey counties placing Singh’s name in an unfavorable position on the ballot.

Singh then states his current positions and appeals for support. Singh is running as the only ‘pureblood candidate’ or the candidate unvaccinated for COVID-19. His other positions include opposing the “neocon war” in Ukraine, opposing big tech censorship, opposing the economic lockdowns, and restoring integrity in the election system. Among the leaders Singh met at Washington were Ron Paul and Colonel Douglas Macgregor.

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