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Hirsh Singh Slams SuperPac Connected to Ron DeSantis for lying to Donors
Team Singh
September 6, 2023

Republican presidential candidate Hirsh Singh slammed Jeff Roe and his SuperPac ‘Never Back Down’ for falsely taking credit for work done by Hirsh Singh and his campaign. Hirsh Singh pointed out in a video posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) that the information about Vivek Ramaswamy not even being a registered Republican and having donated to a Never-Trumper Democrat who sat behind Michael Cohen during Cohen’s Congressional testimony was published by Singh’s campaign.

In an earlier press release picked up by Gateway Pundit, which wrote a detailed expose about Vivek Ramaswamy, Singh presented the screenshot of the actual donation of Vivek Ramaswamy to Dena Minning Grayson. He also connected this information with a news item in INQUISITR that showed Dena Grayson sitting behind Michael Cohen and making animated facial expressions and even lip-synching an answer with Cohen when the latter was asked a question during his testimony to the Congress.

According to media reports, Roe had claimed to donors that all the dirt on Vivek Ramaswamy was the result of his SuperPac’s efforts. Singh termed this a “deceptive fundraising tactic” and added, “Now to raise money using deceptive tactics is definitely unethical but it is probably also illegal Mr.Roe.”

Singh also pointed out that Vivek Ramaswamy played along with the lie and gave credit to Roe’s SuperPac despite knowing that the source was really the Singh campaign, and said that this was because Vivek Ramaswamy feared Singh’s campaign. Singh promised that there was more to come and asked Jeff Roe to return the money to his donors. “I call on Governor DeSantis to distance himself from this SuperPac to prove he is for honesty and integrity,” stated Singh.

The campaign of Ron DeSantis has been weak and anemic despite having millions of dollars, while the Singh campaign already has had a huge impact in terms of controlling the narrative without similar financial support.

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