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Hirsh Singh Wants GOP Candidates to Sign Pledge Not to Plagiarize
Team Singh
September 7, 2023

ATLANTIC CITY — In a video message on X, Republican Presidential candidate Hirsh Singh slammed Vivek Ramaswamy for plagiarizing ideas and words from other people, politicians, and candidates. Singh listed examples of his positions and words that he alleged were articulated by Vivek Ramaswamy only after Singh had stated them in public.

Singh pointed out that Larry Elder had accused Ramaswamy of plagiarizing the words “epidemic of fatherlessness” from him, and also mentioned that Roger Stone too had accused Ramaswamy of plagiarizing from him as well as from Donald Trump. Singh also stated that everyone saw Ramaswamy plagiarize from Obama in the first Republican Presidential debate.

“Now, I understand the fallacy of ‘post hoc, ergo propter hoc,’ but it remains clear that only after I entered the presidential race and articulated my policy positions, Mr. Ramaswamy articulated the same positions and used identical language in certain cases, this contradicted his previous positions on a lot of these issues,” said Singh.

Singh went on to point out that Ramaswamy, in his book, had called Trump a “sore loser,” described Trump’s questioning of the election as “a dark day for democracy,” and had even been dismissive of various laws in Republican run states to strengthen election integrity, but after Singh had made the topic of election integrity an issue, Ramaswamy articulated some of the same points as Singh even though they contradicted what Ramaswamy had written in his book. Singh also pointed out that Ramaswamy started using the word “neocon” to label the war in Ukraine only after Singh injected the term into the current election’s discourse. This is a fact which can be verified by setting the date filter in online searches.

Another example Singh provided was the policy of preventing the nuclearization of Iran. While Ramaswamy never had any firm foreign policy, Singh was the first to articulate the idea of preventing the nuclearization of Iran. Curiously, Singh had broached this subject in the context of Israel and Ramaswamy started doing the same thing a few days later and also mentioned it in the context of Israel.

Singh said that plagiarism was a form of uncivil and unfair behavior and called for civility in the election process from other candidates.

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