Hirsh V. Singh

We can rebuild New Jersey together.

It all starts with preserving the right values, upholding morality and defending justice.

From day one, I have been perfectly clear where I stand on the issues. You'll never find me flip-flopping or pandering for one simple reason — the foundation of trust is consistency.

My stances are the result of years of study and experience as a native New Jerseyan, engineer and federal contractor. As your Senator, I will make decisions that prioritize facts over feelings.

I sincerely hope you will join me in rebuilding New Jersey. For the People.

Hirsh V. Singh

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America is one-of-a-kind thanks to our rich history of great leaders elected by the people to represent the people.

When we vote today, what qualities should we look for in a candidate? I believe that consistent moral integrity always takes precedence. Without it, every promise, every commitment, every pledge is totally meaningless. No integrity means no trust.

Integrity: Without it, everything else is meaningless.
A candidate without integrity can never be trusted to uphold their word, let alone the interests of the voters.

Many people prefer to simply vote along party lines, straight down the ballot. We see an (R) next to a candidate's name and instinctively think “This person shares my beliefs!”

Unfortunately, candidates who lack integrity take advantage of our trusting nature, treating it as an opportunity to deceive us for power. It's happened before, and in 2020 (the beginning of a new political decade), you can bet it's happening right now. I refuse to let it go without a fight!

The Trillion Dollar Question: How can you tell if a candidate will maintain their integrity For The People?

The far-Left is currently taking extreme measures to infiltrate and destroy the Republican Party from within. For example, during the 2018 Midterm Elections, the people of Kansas elected three lawmakers — all of whom ran as Republicans — to represent them.

The moment these GOP lawmakers attained power, all of them announced they were switching to the Democrat Party. They completely betrayed the people of their state. They lacked integrity.

As a lifelong conservative, I am the only true Republican in this election. Take a look at who else is pursuing the Republican nomination right now — two Independents and one Obama/Clinton-era Democrat. All of them are now running as "Republicans," but their backgrounds tell a radically different story. All of their information is publicly available, and that's the trick; they all hope you'll trust them just enough to blindly believe what they say.

The truth does not fear investigation. I invite you to please examine my history, my stances, my past and present statements under a microscope. You will see that I take absolute pride in being morally consistent, that I always put integrity first.

You’ll never see me pandering or flip-flopping because I genuinely value my supporters, our state and our country. After all, New Jersey is my home; our home. And so I will continue fighting with all my might for 2020 and beyond — For The People.



We live in a globally-competitive jobs marketplace — and we are losing this race due to our educational standards.

Out of 71 countries, the USA ranked 38th in math and 24th in science (according to a 2016 PISA assessment survey).

Democrat Cory Booker
Sen. Cory Booker solicited over $100 million in donated funding for education. What exactly did he do with it all?

Despite spending more money per student than any country in the world, we barely rank in the “average” column.

I am committed to creating a culture of education in New Jersey where every student is celebrated; a culture where every teacher is given the freedom to help their students achieve greatness. This means working to empower every parent, student and teacher with the necessary resources to achieve this greatness, regardless of whether they are in a public, private or home school environment. What’s important isn’t government bureaucracy; it’s the educational success of the child.

We must adopt new and inventive methods of educating our children, where teachers are free to be innovative, and parents (as well as students) are excited about the process. I encourage you to watch this TED Talk featuring Sir Ken Robinson, which describes how we can create a culture of creativity within our educational society.

Why is it that school performance falls whenever Democrats insist on tightening state control? Should government ever replace or take over a parent's role in their child's moral education?


Valuing Life

Of all creation on this Earth, babies are our most beautiful gift from God. When their bright, innocent eyes gaze deeply into ours, we are reminded just how precious life really is.

This innocence is what compels me to stand up for your rights, your life and your dreams — because this baby was once you!

Miscarried infant at 8 months, 5 days old
At just 8 weeks, your fingers, toes, eyes and nose already began forming!

I believe that we must demonstrate to our children that we value their lives — one day we will rely on them to value ours. This is why I believe that New Jersey should promote a philosophy of life within our government, not death. I believe that New Jersey must demonstrate this philosophy by refusing to fund organizations whose primary purpose is to end the lives of our children.

There are many dedicated women’s clinics that provide actual care for women — that do not participate in the billion-dollar death industry.

I believe that your life is worthy of value and celebration, and always will be. This is why I fight for your rights, your safety, and your dreams — because this is what it means to be a New Jerseyan.

How many of our future leaders, engineers, doctors, scholars and inventors have we lost simply because they weren't considered human in their mother's womb?


Fixing Infrastructure

New Jersey serves as the economic backbone of America. Our roadways, ports and water systems are commercial gateways for Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York and more.

Millions of residents rely on New Jersey’s public infrastructure every day. In 2018 alone, the state’s general fund topped $32 billion. When you pay that much in taxes, shouldn’t you be able to drive on roads without potholes?

Year after year, corrupt Democrats claim they're planning to fix crumbling roads and dilapidated infrastructure. They make all sorts of flowery promises, but as soon as they’re elected, they set about spending billions of our tax dollars on initiatives that enrich them and their cronies. This has been happening for decades, with no sign of slowing. It’s time to hold them accountable!

George Washington Bridge
The George Washington Bridge is the world's busiest bridge — a testament to the raw strength and potential of our great state.

Imagine the ways our economy would flourish if we accomplished the following:

  • Build the Gateway Tunnel to ease our daily commutes to New York City.
  • Restart the North to South Jersey Blue Comet Train. Only 26 miles of track are in need of repair or replacement — what a tiny stepping stone!
  • Expand traffic lanes between Philadelphia, Camden and Atlantic City to reduce ridiculous road congestion problems and prevent accidents.
  • Build a bridge linking Cape May to Lewes, Delaware. This creates a parallel corridor with I-95 and would relieve traffic on the existing interstate, spurring massive growth in South Jersey.
  • Fix our roads! Potholes have become a de facto tax on the citizens and are not acceptable!

Don’t let the Democrats deceive you — every single item on this short list can be accomplished.

New Jersey has a $50 billion deficit between gross federal taxes collected versus in-state federal spending. I believe we must bring these funds back home, where it can be used to rebuild, repair and reinvigorate our State. New Jerseyans are the ones who pay taxes; their money should benefit them. Not other states.


Abusive Tax Burdens

When Democrats vote to impose the highest property taxes in the country (while also having the highest rates of property foreclosures in the nation), we can see the empirical evidence — that we no longer have a government that values nor represents the people.

What is the Democrat's default response to New Jersey’s financial crisis? Raise property taxes! Raise fuel taxes! Raise income taxes! Raise sales taxes! When will enough be enough?

New Jersey's gas tax has lost much of its revenue productivity
The evidence is incontrovertible; not only are such tax burdens counterproductive, but even with the extra revenue Democrats will still find a way to waste it faster than they can take it from you.

Our ridiculous property taxes continue to swell even though they're already breaking our backs. And as if that wasn't bad enough, did you know New Jersey also piles on the nation's third highest income taxes? Is it okay to force us to pay an average of $0.59 per gallon of gas in fuel taxes?

The only way to end our fiscal nightmare is to remove Democrats from power — permanently. Your money is best spent by you, not the government.

Do you believe it's merely a coincidence that Democrats and the 24-hour news cycle constantly blames everyone — including you — for the policies they implement, but never themselves? Is right to allow them to increase their power every time their plans fail?


Second Amendment Rights

Do you believe that penalizing innocent citizens based solely on the actions of criminals is fairness, justice or freedom?

If those in power can take AR-15 rifles away from everyone because a few criminals use these tools in their pursuits, then how can we guarantee our cell phones, cars and trucks won’t be next?

More Americans die annually from texting and driving than by those who use AR-15 rifles. What do we do about your automobile? Every 50 minutes, someone is killed by a drunk driver. What about school vehicles, since more people are killed annually by them than by AR-15 rifles?

Texas hero and NRA instructor Stephen Willeford
Stephen Willeford used his AR-15 to stop a crazed killer, saving dozens of lives. What would the outcome look like had he been stripped of his rifle?

When looking at the FBI crime report for 2018, we see that rifles — of any and every kind — are the least-used weapon for all crimes. In fact, knives, feet and fists kill 5-7 times more Americans every year than AR-15 rifles; how are we supposed to take those away?


Women’s Rights

If a woman tells a man that he can’t come into her restroom or shower while she’s in it, is this an an act of discrimination? Should she be penalized under the law, or would that be legislative sexism?

Do you agree with Senator Booker that boys should have the right to compete against girls in girls-only sports and use their male gender advantage to rob those girls of their scholarship opportunities?

Women's rights
Should a woman's safety or struggle for equality end just because a man decides he is also a woman?

Well, neither do I. People should have the freedom and liberty to be themselves, as long as they don't force it upon us or harm others.

Question: Why does Senator Booker believe that only a woman can discriminate against a man if she tells him “no”? Can a man somehow not be discriminating against a woman when he forces himself into her private life?

Senator Booker, answer our question: Since when does a man’s choice end a woman’s right to tell him “no”?


School Violence

Did you know that…

  • …in 2016, at least 907,000 violent incidents took place on school grounds?
  • …6% of all teachers reported being physically assaulted by a student?
  • …there were over 4,000 cases of sexual assault — including violent rapes?
  • …in New Jersey, we’ve witnessed a whopping 26% increase in school violence among our youth?
Connecticut school indoctrination
Political divisiveness (such as this 'quiz' from a Connecticut public school) breeds contempt and frustration in our children, which can lead to outbursts of violence.

Every child deserves an educational environment that's free of political indoctrination. Instead, they're bombarded with propaganda that causes emotional distress.

The historic rise in youth violence we're seeing is a direct result of the Democrat Party teaching society that our babies have no value; that women aren’t to be respected; that parents are not to be honored; that authority is to be rebelled against. We are reaping today what Democrats have sown for decades. Shouldn't we hold them accountable?


Massive Utility Rate Hikes Coming

Instead of raising taxes to pay for their socialist agenda, New Jersey Democrats passed a law mandating our utility providers switch over to high-risk energy systems. Now, they're planning to pass those costs to you — through higher utility rates.

How much, you might wonder? More than $12 billion — that's $3,500 every New Jersey household is on the hook for. Does that sound fair to you?

Nuclear plant in Salem County, NJ
New Jersey taxpayers will be forced to pay at least $300 million per year for energy subsidies, thanks to one of Gov. Murphy's mandates.

What’s happening to us right now is abuse of the most extreme kind — and New Jersey Democrats simply don’t care.

How many promises must a politician break before you consider them a liar? How much of your money is okay for Democrats to forcibly take and spend as they please?



America is called the “melting pot” for a reason. Immigration has been, and will always be, a staple of our nation’s heritage.

However, when you have a nation where politicians in authority determine who must follow the law — and who receives a pass for breaking those laws — then you no longer have equality or justice. You have tyranny.

When Attorney General Grewal chose to lay down new policies that deny our law enforcement agencies the ability to equally enforce our laws, he violated his oath of office and engaged in a tyrannical abuse of power. The Supreme Court has firmly established that laws are to be equally enforced, that no one has the right to abuse their powers of office to advance a political ideology (while ignoring laws they disagree with).

Attorney General Grewal’s policies no longer allow ICE agents to interview illegal aliens who have been charged with a crime (unless the suspect signs a consent form first). If an illegal alien is the suspect of a violent crime — such as murder, rape or child abduction — Grewal denies our prosecutors the right to even ask the judge to hold them in jail simply because they violated federal immigration laws.

Shouldn’t our law enforcement officers, investigators and prosecutors have access to every tool they can use to keep violent criminals out of our neighborhoods?

In Middlesex, NJ, authorities refused to honor an ICE detainer for Luis Perez, resulting in his release from county jail. Once freed, Perez made his way to Missouri, where he executed a shooting spree that killed three innocent victims and left two more wounded.

Juan Carlos Morales-Pedraza abducted a 15-year-old girl in New Jersey. He then fled with the teen, crossing state lines and repeatedly raping her over the course of two days. He was eventually captured by police on the Ohio Turnpike, and the girl was rescued from her hellish nightmare. Morales-Pedraza was an illegal alien who'd been previously deported, but had managed to re-enter.

Young MS-13 gang member aims a gun
Statewide police officials have identified MS-13 gang operations in at least 48 towns across New Jersey. Illegal aliens comprise a significant portion of the criminal gang's membership and are notorious for their brutality.

Attorney General Grewal has issued orders that no law enforcement database is to be made available to ICE agents in their efforts to apprehend criminals of any kind.

Over 100 illegals wanted by ICE (including some wanted by Interpol) were arrested in New Jersey during a 30-day sweep in 2019. 90% of those arrested had either prior or pending criminal convictions — nevertheless, not a single New Jersey law enforcement agency chose to help ICE get these criminals off our streets, for fear of prosecution by Attorney General Grewal.

Governor Murphy, Attorney General Grewal and U.S. Senator Cory Booker have made a mockery of equality and justice by choosing who gets a pass and who faces penalties. This is a gross act of betrayal by a radicalized Democrat Party, and in too many cases, it has resulted in our fellow Americans having to pay with their lives.

As if to add insult to injury, New Jersey Democrats recently followed in the footsteps of California and New York. Driver’s licenses will now be issued to illegal aliens.

Right now, if you or I wished to get a New Jersey driver's license, we'd need to provide six points of identification. If an illegal alien wishes to get a license, all it takes is a single utility bill.

The Democrat Party is treating us like second-class citizens. It’s time to end the massive abuse of power that undermines the sanctity of American citizenship.

Do you believe it's moral for politicians to trade away your future — and our children's safety — for their own benefit? Together, we can:

  • Build the wall
  • Strengthen our laws
  • Remove criminals
  • Make our streets safer
With illegal aliens flooding uncontrollably into our nation, opportunities are lost and the safety of our children and future generations is endangered.
New Jersey
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